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You’re Hot. Deal with It | Try Hard Podcast #19

14 responses to “You’re Hot. Deal with It | Try Hard Podcast #19”

  1. Khauleah Lee says:

    what would it take to get "teal pig" shirt?

  2. Nikachu says:

    This is the most whitest podcast ever. Talking about Friends is so white.

  3. Nikachu says:

    Jennifer Aniston is not hot. She looks like a bag of corn flakes.

  4. Darksun Gwyndolin says:

    On the subject of an adult playground, google St. Louis City Museum. It's like a giant playground for adults and kids, and even serves alcohol.

  5. Sadman1471 says:

    that show you guys were watching was called Takeshi 's castle in the UK.

  6. Sadman1471 says:

    Sam's cross fit reference hit the nail on the head

  7. Cubi Studios says:

    Sam reminds me of the kids at your high school who thought they were going to become rappers.

  8. Tito Alvarado says:

    When Chad talks about a story he learned on Reddit when RT made a comic about it. Lol

  9. javis88h says:

    Chad is about that plug life

  10. PrettyNormous says:

    Sam's a smoker? Sad. 🙁

  11. Almighty Keys says:

    its this simple for racism. words are not the problem. it is the individual who is using the words to literally put down the other race. anyone with eyes and ears can tell the difference between a joke and racism.

  12. Ryan Flanagan says:

    Premiered in the Year 2000

  13. ideasneversleep says:

    Hands down, the funniest Try Hard yet! I really have to stop watching these at work so I'll quit getting weird looks from employees watching me try to hold back the laughter.

  14. 16bitakira says:

    Teal Pig. Get the fuck on. I'm excited for the drunkcast, get after it!

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