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Yiruma – Reminiscent, 이루마 – 회상 [이루마의 골든디스크] 20160713

11 responses to “Yiruma – Reminiscent, 이루마 – 회상 [이루마의 골든디스크] 20160713”

  1. This ma Shiteu says:

    This version is so beautiful. I really want to play this. Are there any sheets for this version??

  2. Papers Past says:

    This guy is a musical genius and a legend no doubt about it

  3. 엌개꿀 says:

    Ohh! Now I don't like it! Is zero!

  4. 레나 says:

    마치 제가 살아온 추억들이 스쳐가네요. 정말 아름다워요. 이루미님은 저의 롤모델이세요.

  5. MorgensternPini says:


  6. 윤요한 says:

    너무 좋아요~

  7. Cherry Velvet:3 says:

    Yiruma saranjé;-; <|3

  8. Ha sungwoon is so smol but still taller than me says:

    i thought yiruma is a Japanese…..

  9. C. Justine Lee says:

    First time seeing Yiruma in tv omg he is so good looking! 😀

  10. Vanessa gutierrez says:

    yiruma !!

  11. Sasa Anwar says:

    just like the title, it's suddenly make me reminiscing the past…

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