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Windows was unable to complete format | How to fix (quick solution)

13 responses to “Windows was unable to complete format | How to fix (quick solution)”

  1. Vinay Babu says:

    Not working cz my pc didn't shows
    simple volume plz help

  2. M Faizan Raza Attari Qadri says:

    Thanks a lot ….You made my day

  3. Game Lovers says:

    i dont have option for new simple volume pleasee help

  4. majic man says:

    format didnotcomplete

  5. Qasim Ali says:

    i can open my card but i can not formate it

  6. magiccastle 19 says:

    thanks for the big help

  7. Rayhan Ull Bar Chowdhury says:

    Thanks bro….many many thanks…..

  8. aditya bn143 says:

    Shahittik Purno, I have samsung sd card given in my college with notes… Its fully locked… Can't format by cmd, registry disk, or any of the softwares…. How can i format this…? Plz help me…

  9. yeoclegin says:

    I dont have an option of new volume?

  10. Pea Pee says:

    it says data error (cyclic redundancy check) what to do

  11. DailyFlights98 says:

    It worked for me!

  12. jandren dolom says:

    it says that formatting is not complete
    what should i do?

  13. Eric Aniz says:

    Doesn't show disk 2

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