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17 responses to “WHO IS THIS PENGUIN!? (Learn 2 Fly)”

  1. Sly1981 says:

    That moment when you talk about the free item around 8:38 and having to watch a video… and youtube put an ad on…

  2. Luigi And Boo Gaming and more says:

    Noor noot

  3. bob brown says:


  4. Flailing Limbs says:

    Play mad burger wild west 3
    Like so matt can see

  5. Ted Sarnecki says:

    wow, i cant believe he just existence shamed a dodo. its 2017, that shit won't fly. (sorry for the bad pun)

  6. Penguin Bob says:

    Wanna who that penguin is? ME.

  7. Shea S. says:

    You are my favorite YouTuber!!!

  8. end my suffering. says:

    These fucking Lineage II ads are annoying as hell.
    The game doesn't even bring anything new to the table, either.
    Like, from the ads I have seen(and how much I stayed through them) they are always talking about the graphics, which is probably the best thing that makes it different a little, the 30v30 guild battles and the amazing questing.
    Amazing graphics? Yeah, that's a reasonable thing to promote your game with.
    30v30 guild battles? I mean, that's not really new. There's this 1 or 2 years old game that I once played(ONCE played, I get bored of MMORPGS fast) called Legacy of Discord(not really the best game out there, it was pretty P2W but at least you could advance fast and the game gave you lots of free diamonds) had this, but there was a chance not all of the members were online during the fights.
    Amazing questing? Ok, I also used to play this game before it started being like a whore, getting ads on even the least monetizable videos like a prostitute fucking anyone as long as she gets paid and it bored me. Just, over all, it was boring. The story was repetitive(if I remember right), they often brought old characters back just so you could go on a treasure hunt for them. I stayed through 60 levels in Legacy of Discord and a few other accounts, this game bored me faster, I left at level 15(again, if I remember right).
    For the few players that actually read the story, it might be interesting and actually more interesting than the actual gameplay, but for the likes of me, who get bored reading the story and just want to skip to the action and rarely read unless THE FUCKING GAME FORCES YOU INTO DIALOGUE EVERY 10 SECONDS, it has very little action and that really bored me.
    Oh by the way, even with a good device that can run Vainglory smoothly, my iPad Air was lagging every few seconds while playing that game, I had to turn the graphics to low for it to even run well. I mean, yeah, Vainglory has way less assets because it's a MOBA (that got me hooked for a few months and I am still addicted to it), but it has great graphics and they might be equal, superior or inferior(inferior by very little to be honest) to Lineage II's graphics.
    I don't know, just my opinion and from my shitty memory and the fact that I had to play it with low graphics for it to even work for me, I might be wrong.

  9. Elemental Bacon says:

    When are you going to continue stick war

  10. Alaa Amer says:

    Play that level again 2 and 3 1 isnt very good its a mobile game

  11. Alaa Amer says:

    Play a game called that level again play 2 and 3 1 isnt that good

  12. Jake Fennern says:

    matt play more

  13. Jake Fennern says:

    matt play more

  14. Jake Fennern says:

    matt play more

  15. Jake Fennern says:

    matt play more

  16. Jakub Dudek says:

    The suspicious glider is the glider from learn to fly 2

  17. Tyrese Rayn Vergara says:

    Remember NOOT NOOT

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