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We Have Come a Long Way Since Early Dial-Up Internet Access

We Have Come a Long Way Since Early Dial-Up Internet Access

I never thought that the Minecraft game would ever become as popular as it is. The computing power available today made it possible to get a cheap Windows VPS, and even kids often have enough money per month to pay for a VPS to host a Minecraft server. I remember when hosting companies first began to become available to the general public interested in developing a website. There were companies that made it so customers could do point-and-click setup of personal and even business websites. I remember how poorly designed a lot of the early World Wide Web actually was. Even business websites offered little information and functionality.

Nowadays you can do everything from reviewing your medical records to filling out your taxes online. Retail websites let you order anything from food to cars, and have it shipped to your door. Even the shipping companies have websites. My nephew is only 11 and wants to have his own Minecraft server. That would be out of the question just a few years ago due to the cost. Now getting a cheap Windows VPS can be afforded by your average kid with a paper route or modest allowance.

I have no idea what the future holds for what can be done online at budget prices. We see mega companies trying to control the retail landscape of the Internet, and we see even the Mom and Pop shops now having classy websites. Gone is the glittery website gifs of websites in the early 1990s. Do you remember the web counters that were on practically every website? You will rarely see one now. The Internet is evolving along with the technology. I would have never even thought hosting high-definition or 4K videos would even be possible back in the VGA and Ascii days of the Internet over dial-up.

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