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11 responses to “We Believe The Earth Is Flat: CONSPIRACIES UNCOVERED”

  1. Adam Car says:

    "after a month of not sleeping" and then he believed the earth is flat, seems to coincide with not sleeping for a month and going crazy.

  2. Avi K says:

    They believe the Earth is flat, refuse to believe in gravity, space exploration, and so on, they demand proof which is already there then dismiss it calling it fake, and yet none of them can show a single picture of the flat Earth or even remotely prove their beliefs. They don't hold themselves to the same standards they set, and when such standards are met by us they still dismiss it. There's no winning with them, they've already ossified their beliefs which are rooted in the delusion that everyone's out there to get you.
    It's no different from any other conspiracy theory. When you're already biased and schizophrenic to believe that the entire world is a lie and everything we've been told is a lie, you will believe anything. These morons would rather believe some shitstain on Youtube and his 50 minute video than the scientific community and common sense. It's very, I mean very easy to discern that the Earth cannot be flat, despite this, they will use convoluted pseudo-science in a futile attempt to prove something that can't be proven.

    Do these retards even know that it would have costed Nasa more money to fake moon landing than to actually land on the moon? And do they know that it's impossible to keep a lie that big from the world?
    It's impossible to keep away from the world that the Earth is flat, also what possible reasons will governments of all world have to keep lying about it?

  3. Zack Stone says:

    Any pictures of the ice wall? Or the military gaurding it? Any pictures of the flat Earth?
    Why can I Skype people in Australia and there are different constilations? Why can I see the actual curvature from my private plane. I know my windows are normal?

  4. nievese2929 says:

    Generation X…..what a waste…..

  5. videoknife says:

    Look people, the earth is not flat. Yet it's not completely round either (oval/elliptical). This whole cult of this idea is ridiculous and dangerous to the weak minds. But here's the proof the Earth is not flat for the foolish:
    1. The fact that approximately 2,600 satellites are orbiting a round-shaped earth and send back information/pictures of that.
    2. The Hubble telescope shows vivid pictures of earth in space anytime you want to see them.
    3. Most large objects that we see in the Universe are round-shaped, but none of them are just flat (gravity, pressure, etc. shape them).
    4. We can see the shape of the moon, and other planets so…why would we think we are the flat one?
    5. The moon is orbiting a round-shaped earth. (Moon phases show that)
    6. Eclipses, seasons, days, nights, etc. all show the Earth has to be round-shaped for them to happen.
    7. Most large objects in the Universe are rotating in a circular pattern, and so are we. If we were flat, that would conflict with the rotation you can see happening every night, because we can't be flat and be rotating at the same time.
    8. If you sat in one spot on a clear night, and looked up all night you would see the Earth rotation happening compared to the stars. And the Sun is seen going from East to West. So If we were flat that would make no sense, because when it's mid-night in New York, it's basically noon-time in China. That's because they are on the other side of the Sphere. Think about it! (They are on the other side of earth in sunlight proving that the Sun is basically in one spot and we are on a Sphere doing the rotation.) If we weren't round-shaped, every person would see days and nights all at the same time. (If we were flat, at some point EVERYONE would be in darkness at the same time for 12 hours).
    9.Time zones are based on the spherical nature of Earth.
    10. Google earth, and GPS show, and are based on the fact the Earth is round-shaped.

    MORE–Facts that can be proven: The earth rotates about 1,000 miles an hour (give or take). It is approximately 24,000 miles in circumference (give or take), and you can see that in the night and days (24 hours to completely rotate a point on the earth at that speed. (Do the math). Earth travels through space at approximately 67,000 miles an hour, and at that speed we orbit approximately 584 million miles around the Sun in approximately 365 days (Do the math). WE KNOW MOST OF THIS BECAUSE YOU WOULD HAVE TO KNOW THIS TO SEND ROCKETS, AND SATELLITES INTO SPACE (It's called timing the exit and return to our atmosphere)! I got way much more, but this should be enough for the clueless!

    And yeah, we really did go to the moon, and there has always been hard evidence, but that's another topic. Remember, just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it's not a fact! Heck, most of you don't understand Engineering either!…but you don't question that bridge you are crossing!

  6. K.C. Eldridge says:

    Hey – do NOT say anything bad about these people. Afterall, they have figured out that the Earth is run by “pedophiles.” How can anybody take them seriously when they make comments like that – and how can they take themselves seriously. What a waste of time – I want my 8 minutes back.

  7. Lee R says:

    i can prove it literally the earth is not a ball with science…. take a ball get it wet spin it the water flies off also i live at the so called equator and the stars literally spin above my camera when they should be going across the sky ENOUGH SAID…. they tell us the earth is a ball too create a falling away from God and they don't want us exploring cause we would find all the horrible things all the governments have a pact too hide underground DEMONS and more they want is believing in ALIENS….

  8. Lee R says:


  9. Kenji Moralde says:


  10. Mike Dunphy says:

    Is that guy doing that as a prank to those people ?

  11. RebeccaLovesGaming x says:

    Bruh what the actual f like have you been to space no so you’re basically arguing with people who have been to space and scientists so shut the f up idiots

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