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11 responses to “UNPACKING MY ROOM!! MOVING VLOGS!!”

  1. Girl Power says:

    I looked up the blog! It's so cute

  2. Ada Hu says:

    Who else loves Alishä?

  3. Hannah Nation says:

    I think maybe if you put up your old pegboard near the front door or where the clear table is and hang it up somewhere there

  4. Yadira Corrales says:

    Alisha Marie

  5. Yadira Corrales says:

    Ur lip color looks really good

  6. Kayal Siva says:

    Who is watching this in November

  7. Addison Dangelmaier says:

    My sister has the palette and I love you . You are the best. And BTW you inspire me to make my life better,more fun,and way more colorful love you lol

  8. Justice Hanna says:

    You always go out and get food

  9. Gabriel Edith says:


  10. mqdi - gaming and such says:

    omg makeup from blog was so cringy

  11. Ansley says:

    Palmer is my last name haha !!!!

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