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UNEVEN STRUCTURE – 8 Full EP Stream (Official HD Audio – Basick Records)

19 responses to “UNEVEN STRUCTURE – 8 Full EP Stream (Official HD Audio – Basick Records)”

  1. julianofsatown says:

    Cant find the correct lyrics for track 5 anywhere 🙁

  2. Triple A says:

    13:16 has that extra little subtle strength that goes over the breaking point and destroys your neck

  3. EthT says:

    Were the drums programmed? They sound BIG

  4. Shawn Fernandes says:

    That Ride is sweet a f.

  5. Michael Gannon says:

    this is the second time i will comment on this record.

    this is the coldest album of the century thus far

    this is the definitive temperature at which future artists should perform

    this is the future

    this is the cold

    this is freeze

  6. GHziikneon says:

    So, basically is this the baby of 'Catch 33'?

  7. Djoseph Thalline says:


  8. lemonlimelukey says:

    derivative djent GARBAGE

  9. philippe legault says:


  10. BLFilms says:

    Meshuggah and TesseracT had a baby?

  11. Dmure says:



    man I heard a song the other day that had one note that was downtuned so I guess it's Djent now. 
    Then I heard another song, by someone called Bill Laswell, it was an odd time signature, guess that's Djent too. 

    who. fucking. cares. like it or don't like it.

  13. Nathaniel Prince Coulter says:

    Ha most of these comments are praising Meshuggah. The fact is, Uneven structure is a great band, and I feel that in time they will catch up, and so will tons of these other "djent" bands.  This is only the beginning…… This is more than music 🙂

  14. Crazyplonker 01 says:

    Awesome album. This is up there with catch 33, if not above.

  15. Michael Gannon says:

    wow.  so ice cold.  so bone chillingly icey.  i am taken back by the chill.  i am need to put on le jacket.

  16. RemjianDrummer says:

    The older version of this EP Is loads better without the singer doing clean vocals. Just sounds inauthentic to me, ruins the heaviness and makes it more of a prog gimmick. Just my opinion.

  17. heather bennett says:

    these guys deserve soo much attention

  18. Bunters196 says:

    One of the first Djentish things I ever heard, truly a step in my musical timeline.

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