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TWFIGHTER MAJOR 2017 TEKKEN 7 DAY 1 (TIMESTAMP) Knee JDCR Saint Qudans Doujin Chanel AK

14 responses to “TWFIGHTER MAJOR 2017 TEKKEN 7 DAY 1 (TIMESTAMP) Knee JDCR Saint Qudans Doujin Chanel AK”

  1. SF5 RBK says:

    0:00 Match 1
    9:40 Match 2
    15:28 Match 3
    25:14 Match 4
    31:29 Match 5
    44:45 Match 6
    49:33 Match 7
    57:44 Match 8
    1:07:42 Match 9
    1:14:48 Match 10
    1:21:50 Match 11
    1:26:51 Match 12
    1:31:25 Match 13
    1:43:25 Match 14

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  2. Emerald Trancy says:

    Doujin using Lili woah

  3. Mister Emperor says:

    No joke, Knee needs to go back to the lab and settle with a new main in Tekken 7 rather than playing randomly or else hes going to be out quick in the tekken world tour finals.

  4. GamerDude GamerDude says:

    D.Jin 🙂

  5. FruitsPunchSamurai G says:

    Mama Doujin

  6. IchigoVizard says:

    Was there any notable Taiwanese representatives???

  7. Marth Frost says:


  8. The House of Game says:

    Nerf forward forward one pushback already.

  9. S D says:

    Knee needs to go into the wilds, into some rural arcade somewhere north of Seoul, away from his inhibitions, then emerge 3 months later with an unshaven scrubby beard and that chip he lost a year ago.

  10. YungJuve says:

    Knee needs to play more confident and be more aggressive, especially when he's got the lead in life. Jeez. He blew off too many leads here which eventually cost him his tournament life.

  11. abdel hak touia says:

    R.i.p knee the tekken 7 didnt fits you

  12. gamer4life says:

    Can someone plz explain?

    Is channel Korean or American.

    All this time I thought he was Korean because they put the flag up in the bar but today he is wearing a US flag and sometimes his flag is Korean and sometimes American.

  13. Danger Level 10 says:

    Brought to you by Cup of Noodles, and Coleman camping gear!

  14. Super Saiyan Nerd says:

    Fuck, Knee is really lossing his skill!

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