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TRANSFORM any Card in to a BLANK CARD!!

17 responses to “TRANSFORM any Card in to a BLANK CARD!!”

  1. Da Beast1020 says:

    You changed your YouTube channel picture

  2. Schebella *-* says:

    Hey im Brazilian, whats name this product in portugues ???

  3. darkphoenix 13 says:

    Smart Guy simple on ace why not on queen or king? Lol

  4. Hot Mama says:

    Trim the hipster millennial beard babe.

  5. Elliott Sacks says:

    Chris, I love you but I will never buy your menchandise let alone any youtuber's merchandise. That being said, a lot of people WILL. So while I personally couldn't give less of a shit about your logo on a tee shirt, other people would, and that's why you should sell a bunch of shit with your logo ($$)

  6. Braylon Cornwell says:

    We need a C3 tutorial

  7. Brandon Berry says:

    Black magic

  8. Daly-Rose Rundle says:

    Ohhhhhh un québécois mon boy!!!!

  9. FukLuck Ed says:

    I thought this was a trick tutorial from the title lol

  10. kristopher Ström says:

    Can't find that jacket on their website :/

  11. luvic limosnero says:

    yo Chris Ramsay like ur video!

  12. Nolan Arthur says:


  13. panteradime5150 says:

    We call it the magic cut finding fluid Chris

  14. Philippe Michel Photography says:

    You are the man…. thank you for your channel

  15. r7blue says:

    i tried to follow your instructions.. cut dick off??! what step did i miss?

  16. Nava Jo says:

    That stupid beaver part is funny as hell! I'm dying over here, so bad I had to watch it 10 times.

  17. Mysterious 12345 says:

    Tell me what im doing wrong

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