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Top 10 Spiritual Teachers on Youtube

19 responses to “Top 10 Spiritual Teachers on Youtube”

  1. Jonas Rosen says:

    Hey everyone 🙂

    I’ve received many comments on this video expressing disappointment about the lack of women teachers featured on this list. I really want to apologize to anyone that this has offended- definitely a mistake and an oversight on my part. It is an impossible task to select a list of just 10 teachers which is agreeable to everyone, but there truly are many incredible female spiritual masters sharing their wisdom on Youtube…

    Man or woman, in my perspective gender is not important to one's ability to guide others towards awakening, liberation, enlightenment. There have been thousands of enlightened women as well as men throughout history helping us to awaken to true nature and come together as one human family 🙂 and any future "top 10" videos I publish will be sure to include a more balanced list.

    Some of the amazing female teachers on Youtube: Pema Chodron, Gangaji, Esther Hicks, Lisa Cairns, Teal Swan, Tara Brach, Tenzin Palmo, Irina Tweedie, Almine, Ching Hai, Lynn Barron, Unmani Hyde, Byron Katie, Nicky Sutton, Louise Hay, Dolores Cannon, Sandra Walter, Bridget Rau, Lisa Transcendence Brown, Nora Herold Gigi Young, Christina Martine

  2. Ramesh Devasi says:

    O SH O

  3. RUSSIAN ROBOT says:

    You get the best teacher that you are ready for. Time to relist the 75 or 100 spiritual teachers on YT. You do not choose the teacher, the true teacher chooses you.

  4. shay tuck says:

    no pema chodren? and yet you have massaro who is dangerous. use discernment people.

  5. Linda DeLo says:

    Don't forget my favorites: Yogananda and Dr Pillai!

  6. Lola Lola says:

    Brahma Kumaris teach meditation and is distinctly identified by the prominent role that women play in this university.

  7. caviper1 says:

    Thank you for the list. IMHO and up to the limits of my understanding, I would not include Teal or Deepak as spiritual teachers. They are toying with you. Likewise Bentinho seems to have changed over time. He was into stillness but, now he is into the law of attraction and materialization… FInally, I would definitely include Papaji. He was Ramana Maharshi´s student and Mooji´s teacher.

  8. Bobby Tejasvi says:

    My man J Krishnamurti 6:38

  9. dreams of turtles says:

    I would just ask people to do their homework first before they get too enamoured of a teacher. Google their name followed by the words scandal or fraud. Investigate and decide for yourself. Words may sound good, and some are true WISDOM, but oftentimes they are taken from others.

  10. Onkar Deulgaonkar says:


  11. mellany travers says:

    Thank you for this video compilation. Each of these teachers has gifted such great Wisdom to the human family! I'm also listening to "Marshall Vian Summers" … he is, as yet, relatively unknown, compared to some. Many of his teachings apply to current human, societal and world conditions and also to the future. . .. they are profound, prophetic … yet very practical.

  12. prathamesh kothari says:

    sadhguru for guru.

  13. Tranquility i try says:

    Thank you so much for putting that together. Very kind. x

  14. Noi Fujita says:

    Florence scovel shinn

  15. Noi Fujita says:

    The list is wrong with out florence scovel shinn

  16. Prakash Lathiya says:

    what about Sri Sri Ravishankar

  17. Kataka Gara says:

    I believe this list would be more helpful if you removed the dead people first. Some dead teachers are wise for sure, but I was looking for living teachers. And, I rarely ever watch male teachers. I’ll look elsewhere. I can understand how these teachers may apply to you.

  18. Albert Haust says:

    A day will come when you will develop more discrimination. A key to being able to discriminate a teacher, is having the willingness to do so.

  19. PIE WONDERS says:


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