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Ticket Time Claw Machine!

9 responses to “Ticket Time Claw Machine!”

  1. Skylar Lipp says:

    why do people make fun of her voice its not her fault she sounds like that!!!!!!!!

  2. lychee061 says:


  3. Aidan Gonzalez says:

    Can you stop saying porchop

  4. Kashif Khan says:

    This girl sound is to bad

  5. Denise Dunn says:


  6. Punjabi King Umesh says:

    ohhh I love her sitting down,something is saw really seducing

  7. David Playz says:

    Angel and crystal you guys are made for each Other! 😀

  8. Owen Long says:

    You're the best gamers ever

  9. BJFF BLOGS says:

    She sounds like a cartoon person

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