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Thundering Pandaren Spirit in Patch 7.0: WoW Pet Battle Guide

11 responses to “Thundering Pandaren Spirit in Patch 7.0: WoW Pet Battle Guide”

  1. Casual Slackers says:

    Still works!

  2. Gabriel García Herrera says:

    I use Fireproof roach (S/S), Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P) and any other pet that I want to level (that can resist 500 – 600 damage). In that order, I've never lost a battle with this boss.

    You can use any other CRITTER pet that is S/S and that can dodge or that can use Survival (can lower it's health under 1 that turn. Why critter? Critters avoid stuns, roots and alikes, so the pandaren spirit will lose a turn trying to stun your critter, and its second ability (with 25% chance of stun) will never stun your pet. The dodge or Survival can be use for the pandaren spirit third ability but I use to save it for the sludge (specially Survival). If your critter is S/S, it will always attack first, so your ability will be useful the round you're using it and the next round. That's why it have to be S/S and must have an ability like that.

    When the critter you're using dies fighting the sludge, use de Emerald Proto-Whelp. It has to be P/P because you need to deal a lot of damage for the third pet and because if it is P/P it heals itself more. With this pet you can solo the already damaged sludge and Darnak. Just do damage and heal your whelp whenever you have the chance.

    The third pet can be use to kill Darnak (a mechanical pet it's the best choice, but you could use any other). If you're looking for leveling it up, you have to make the math so your Emerald Proto-Whelp doesn't kill the enemy pet. It can also be use in case your whelp dies.

  3. TomJoad420 says:

    I used a green level 25 Elfin Rabbit to defeat the Pandaren Spirit, then I used an Onyxian Whelping (Breath, Healing Flame, and Scorched Earth (Didn't really use the last spell)), lastly I had a rare level 25 Stonegrinder (Screeching Gears, Supercharged (always used this before Screeching Gears whenever possible), and lastly Rebuild). This team, cut it a little close for my liking, but if you upgraded the green Elfin Rabbit to a rare, then it may not be so close.

  4. Isabelle Layla says:

    it works perfect if you follow the directions exactly

  5. The Grumpy Warlock says:

    Can confirm this still works in 7.1.5

  6. adam parker says:

    i don't get how turns work , how come they seem to get two turns in a row before i get a chance to do anything ? I mean i host kids parties i think i know when it someone elses turn …surely ?

  7. Gunslinger Spotlights says:

    Lost twice so when I switched to Mech. Dragonling I opened with Decoy giving it enough to kill Sludgy. After that no problems.

  8. C.M. Blanksvard says:

    Works like a charm thank you!

  9. Xanous says:

    The minimum speed for the rabbit is infact 301.

  10. William Lake says:

    thanks, this was great 🙂

  11. Ruminating15 says:

    Impossible. That piece of shit Sludgy attacks me twice for close to 900 dmg. 800 dmg on Mechanical. how in the hell is a piece of sludge so fast? And why on Earth does it get two attacks in a row before I can do one?

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