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Things Are Going to Be Different Now..

7 responses to “Things Are Going to Be Different Now..”

  1. Zoe Walther says:

    You are literally the best you tuber ever! I love you so much! ❤️

  2. Double The Bumps says:

    I just completed my newest vision board! It amazing how when your done it gives you perspective on how superficial and selfish we can be at least for me… I noticed it!
    My newest mantra is "In Silence Truth Arises". I meditate everyday and this is what came to me about a week ago, I was meditating on how we just agree with people so we don't rock the boat. And actually telling people what you see or telling your truth about the situation is going to cause them to get defensive but if your a true friend you don't just agree with there victim identity or poor me attitude. Long story short just tell your truth! This is what I appreciate in you Karlee Thanks for your transparency it takes a mature person to admit there part in a situation and not just blame everything on the other people involved!

  3. Maci L says:

    i love you gf always proud of you

  4. Shonyn Meek says:

  5. Rachel Lubbers says:

    Karlee, I used to watch you all the time and kept up with your life but after the stuff with Darien happened, I got a bad taste in my mouth (as a figure of speech). I don’t know what it was, but it just bothered me about how the whole situation happened and one day you were together and the next it was you crying and saying it wasn’t going to work out… then you just fell off the map. I’m not sure what happened, as it isn’t any of my business, but I would love to see you get back on track on YouTube and start using it as your platform again. Like a kkandbabyj type of YouTube, not an okbaby. Someone who cares and stays consistent and has fun. Hope all is well and you work through what’s going on!! 🙂

  6. Talia z says:

    I wish you so much success and happiness you deserve it!

  7. Sarah Taiaroa says:

    i love you

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