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The Gifted – Exclusive Clip

13 responses to “The Gifted – Exclusive Clip”

  1. Eivi Medina says:

    This is the Atlanta PD!!! Then proceeds to show the Dallas skyline.. Episode 1 fail…

  2. kevo23630 says:

    I've wanted to do this to a vending machine when it ate my dollar.

  3. Lorde Darius says:

    He’s telekinetic. Why do they always make that power explosive? I liked the show a lot though.

  4. Zackery Crouch says:

    Im guessing they have air molecule manipulation powers? Hers more defensive (air pressure shields) and his more offensive (air blasts and air pressure crushing)

  5. Gamer Gaming says:

    Its a trap, Don't do it

  6. bunchofpenguins says:

    Go back for the chips. Andy is me.

  7. Captain Artz says:

    oh my

  8. Jaden says:

    Gets a gifted ad before the video

  9. masterwolf captain says:

    Levitation the easiest power to do on tv

  10. Jackalack313 M says:

    Please don't become inhumans

  11. Walkman 1286 says:

    Next time you feel like showing off don't

  12. parker crane says:


  13. Sudev Sreekumar says:

    So nowadays X men universe means guys and girls with telekinesis…. Cliche

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