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The Decisive Battle – Final Fantasy VI Music Extended

10 responses to “The Decisive Battle – Final Fantasy VI Music Extended”

  1. Gaming xtream says:

    When a full solar eclipse happens out of nowhere.

  2. Shadow Sweetheart says:

    The race to Serendibite on Azure Mines

  3. ScreamKid101 says:

    I feel like I'm the only human being that thought this was from Castlevania…I've never played any of the FF games so I wouldn't know about this at all lol

  4. Ch3rry says:

    I was introduced to this song and then to the FF world about 6 years ago by the WAD Manager for Wii. The feels.

  5. Gamesense says:

    when you beat a boss but you Forget to save

  6. MrDoopliss159XD says:

    Waninkoko's Wad Manager theme back in the old days.

  7. ShadowGamer 141 says:


  8. JRCraftGamer/ Yoshiboygaming says:

    henry stickman anyone?

  9. Zap Gamer says:

    Hey final fantasy 6? Super Mario rpg just called. He wants his culex back.

  10. Densel Moore says:

    suplexing intensifies

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