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Super volcano erupts, disaster is threatening the lives of millions

11 responses to “Super volcano erupts, disaster is threatening the lives of millions”

  1. Jim M says:

    I don't really believe anyone who says it happened 640,000 years ago or a million years ago. How does anyone say something like this when according to the only History Book around says the Earth is 6000 years old

  2. heiress777tr says:

    There has already been almost 800 quakes in the Yellowstone area in the past month. Don't know, somethings ramping up…

  3. Adam Majkowski says:

    Yea but why would it erupt as a category 7 or 8? WE can just pee on it.

  4. Kenneth Hetrick says:

    Law of averages…get out now….

  5. Kenneth Hetrick says:

    This is why all the advanced alien ufo's are video taped making other volcanoes erupt . ..they are lowering the internal pressure so that Yellowstone dos'nt erupt….and yes I'm drunk

  6. bangus cclii says:

    the mr physics guy is forgetting the laws of thermodynamics, which involves pressure volume area. for me the wider the area of the caldera the less pressure and less chance of explosions. weeeeee.

  7. starbase121 says:

    Go to hell Shepard Smith you gay basterd!

  8. James Brady says:

    "Tear the guts out?? How do you guys get that info??" Oh…we have gathered some evidence….. HORSE SHHEEEOT!

  9. Carl Brown says:

    The largest earthquake swarm was 3000 quakes over 90 days several years back.

  10. Monsoon Bloom says:

    The caldera rises and falls over time. The lava in the caldera is quite thick (as opposed to runny) and it has water and gas mixed with it. So if the caldera is in a lift or falling phase, you can imagine that the structural changes inside the caldera may cause swarms which are necessary to stabilize the interior contents as the caldera "breaths". In the past 2 decades, there have been several swarms as active or more active than this. Of course, no one knows for sure, but this swarm will probably calm down with no consequences within 30 -60 days. Swarms are a natural part of activity at Yellowstone. I do not mean to sound dismissive of people who are concerned; no one really knows what all this means, but knowing the historical context can help people understand what could be happening.

  11. david hodge says:

    He has been on every story.

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