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Submersed – Hollow – Lyrics

19 responses to “Submersed – Hollow – Lyrics”

  1. Liz Fizz says:

    Can't believe it's been like 8 or 9 years since I've listened to this.

  2. BL33DBLACKNG0LD1 says:

    Used to listen to this ALL THE TIME

  3. fattychunksings says:

    still one of my favorite songs

  4. Rex 101 says:

    this deserves more love

  5. Jaymz Hetfield says:

    So outstanding still. Any word if they'll ever get backtogether? I'm still pissed Eye Empire fell apart. Dark New Day too. Either band blew the crap out of Corey's current band St Asonia. Hey at least Sevendust go the band back together and have been writing excellent music the last 3 albums.

  6. Bryan Lenihan says:

    Donald has such a powerful voice #MetalIsNotDead

  7. Christopher Tolbert says:

    still listening to this.

  8. Raizo Melendez says:

    actually bleach would go good with this song.

  9. rhoadnaroahs says:

    This song gives me goosebumps.

  10. Brandon Hill says:

    Back to this song so many memories this used to be my jam

  11. jon3rockaholic says:

    Found out about this song from Pandora. Was listening to Tremonti radio. This song is pretty good.

  12. XionsEmpire says:

    1.25 speed is interesting > . >

  13. pi seseven says:

    This song reminds me of the vastness of condescension and cruelty that is bandied about so thoughtlessly in this world. A truer metaphor for global warming perhaps

  14. MrDopePenguin says:

    lol this day got me wandering around some found old shit i used to listen to

  15. Mike The Mugger says:

    This song got me through high school

  16. Chad Albin says:

    still a fresh sound. just amazing

  17. david cruz says:

    listening today in 2016 i love this song

  18. Atmas Sylphen says:

    I was born and raised in the town these guys came from. So happy a jewel like this was created amongst all the country trash.

  19. Jery TheGreat says:

    Tremonti, thats all folks!

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