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Strange FULL MOON Phenomenon! ZOMBIE Mullet Fish & Rare Deep Sea Catch!

13 responses to “Strange FULL MOON Phenomenon! ZOMBIE Mullet Fish & Rare Deep Sea Catch!”

  1. Timothy Godwin says:

    Uncrustables. Seems like snack pack is still snacking. Maybe that could be Brian's saying "Keep On Snacking"! LOL. Anyway, another great show. That was a nice grouper.

  2. Kevin Singh says:

    Can you do a Catch clean cook

  3. Scott Visneski says:

    hi darci super video

  4. Ricardo Zapata says:

    06:47 thank you

  5. MrEugeneKM says:

    The zombie mullet conversation was hilarious, lol.

  6. Charles Driggers says:

    Those B liners do get bigger. I have caught them over 5 pounds. Full moon can mess you up.

  7. Eric Reitzel says:

    6:47, Brian, Ahem, I would assume she watches these uploads…lmao. Love ya guys

  8. Mark St.pierre says:

    Nice guys. Beautiful sun rise. Silent frank isn't so silent. Nice grouper . Always love your enthusiasm. Never gets old

  9. ThatDublife says:

    Another awesome video.

  10. Eric Powers says:

    I caught my biggest red on a full moon 41 in last cast of the day

  11. Jason Jelenek says:

    Thanks for sharing guys, love all of you special thanks to Bryan, with out him none of these dreams would of happened and we wouldn't be watching these vids!!!nice work bro!!! I love ya, fly the drone more!!! Or hire me Hahaha!!!

  12. joseph aguon says:

    Awesome sunrise, beautiful grouper Darcey. Brian trying to irritate you Darcey LOL

  13. James Vega says:

    You have to heat up a pan and put butter on both sides and a little bit of sugar ohmygod

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