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STOMU YAMASH’TA’S EAST BAND – Freedom Is Frightening [full album]

10 responses to “STOMU YAMASH’TA’S EAST BAND – Freedom Is Frightening [full album]”

  1. DJAnthrocide says:

    This is pretty fucking incredible. Wah guitar solo w/ backing brass at about 25:00 is outrageous…

  2. amh426 says:

    Wind Words is a truly beautiful track…….

  3. amh426 says:

    Wonderful album… the vinyl many moons ago……

  4. les crossan says:

    Canterbury Scene Rocks!

  5. Sam Smt says:

    thanks for sharing

  6. Memory Three says:

    Zeuhl as fuck.

  7. andrew kim says:

    discogs list of most expensive records brought me here!

  8. Zul Zappa says:

    . . stomu and isotopes together are amazing. now if only i can find 'one by one'

  9. greg lastcrateontheleft says:

    bam! 🙂

  10. Ian Rumboldt says:

    What a fantastic long forgotten album.  The track "Wind Words" is aural serenity. It's good to know people after 42 years still remember quality music. Seeing Stomu Yamas'hta live 4 times with his rock band , the Red Buddha theatre and 2 other theatrical productions are wonderful memories.

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