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Sting ~ Fragile

13 responses to “Sting ~ Fragile”

  1. Karin Knopp says:

    What for a song !!!!!!!

  2. Oscar Ayala says:


  3. Oscar Ayala says:

    coolest song every

  4. Noel Wells says:

    Much respect to Sting, however, listen to Stevie Wonder sing this live. He owns it, it is perfection.

  5. Robert Towers says:

    More timely than ever…and beautiful.

  6. Sipho Tyawa says:

    Brilliant music, and I love the sunset that goes with it. Thank you very much.

  7. Emily Morales says:

    And that's why the American people is never gonna give up their guns & hidden ammunitions no matter what…. that's what everyone reckons….the gun laws will never be pas …they're just saving it for the big uprisings…they reckon the Americans will never submit to the FEMA camps without a fight and to the Vet microchips… It's pinky right you American politicians better do the right thing by your people and maybe just house them properly for a start before you expect them to c.omply with any other laws and regulations you worry about… God Bless to the American people they are just as humans and as normal as any other people of the world like we are Australians…and God bLess America and I hope it will attain its peaceful beautiful dream someday

  8. HEADBANGRR says:

    This song takes me to THAT PLACE! "AAAAAHHH" :-))

  9. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    Heard this song for the first time this past weekend and I instantly fell in love with it! So soothing

  10. Margarita Popovska says:

    Like tears from the stars…

  11. Conni Chandler says:

    We ARE all fragile……

  12. Stefan Rakić says:

    It makes me alive.

  13. Rolph Artieda says:

    ellas danzan solas…hermanos chilenos Sting…protesto y se le escucho, no permitamos que se repitan estas injusticias

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