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Spark: A Space Tail Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

15 responses to “Spark: A Space Tail Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers”

  1. Seyha Ny says:

    Does this movies reminds you of the monkey king Or journey to the west ?

  2. Heru Solares says:

    That vixen reminds me of a show…can't remember which one.

  3. Heru Solares says:

    Despite the animation and design looking good, the story is just god-awful.

  4. RotoCop says:

    1:04 Spoiler?

  5. thejpkotor says:

    What is the song near the end?

  6. ronaldo bulatao says:

    From The Creators of The Nut Job

  7. Tasty Avocad0 says:

    Why are people hating on this? When they didn't even watch the whole movie. In my opinion, it was a good movie

  8. FurryAngel 95 says:

    When your that 1% that actually likes this movie sigh

  9. beto miño says:

    Del 1 al 10, le doy un 2

  10. southern videos says:

    Oh look it's hi I'm paul the movie! XD

  11. Tasty Avocad0 says:

    I wqtched the movie. It was amazing. I dont know why people are hating on it, even though they havent watched the movie.

  12. Odogo1944 Gaming says:

    Question voice acting

  13. NotOrdinaryInGames says:

    Decided to re-watch the trailer for some reason. Where did all the dislikes come from? I watched the thing, it was a solid 7/10. Why do many dislikes??


    this is already out

  15. Sakura Shy says:

    I'd put this in a list of examples of cliche storm plot movies.

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