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Sessions says Trump has not influenced his decision-making

5 responses to “Sessions says Trump has not influenced his decision-making”

  1. dar1 says:

    SessionS, kelly annCONway and Sarah HuckleBERRY , will never answer yes or no to any question. they need time to think about the squirming necessary to weasel out of it. then, they grin as if they have answered it. how dumb do you have to be to think you are fooling the mindful audience !

  2. Merky Water says:

    Sessions sure knows how to run out the clock without saying anything

  3. dar1 says:

    what has clinton got to do with this….hey whats that over there? please look. lol

  4. Alvin Tossler says:

    Nope, not Sessions, just 50% of the voting populace. Nothing to worry about

  5. Martha Castañon says:

    Yes. Or No…. .?

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