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Secretary (2/9) Movie CLIP – Typos (2002) HD

19 responses to “Secretary (2/9) Movie CLIP – Typos (2002) HD”

  1. michelle b says:

    hahaha, as soon as he says disgusting and she's like "ohh"

  2. Steve C says:

    Cheeky boss I say

  3. Hope Dunkel says:

    sigh that voice he has

  4. lily blossom says:

    i have this on dvd, i need to watch this again. it's one of my fav movies of all time. love james spader.

  5. Zm Movienight says:

    Recently we recorded a podcast episode on Secretary. If you want to listen you can find it on iTunes under "Zach and Mike's Movie Night" or listen to a segment of it on youtube at Happy watching everyone!

  6. nollie411 says:

    I just noticed that his name is Edward GREY, he's a dominant guy, he's rich, he has trouble accepting his feelings at first, but eventually falls in love with Lee. Lee is awkward, falls in love with Grey, and enjoys being a submissive… The original 50 Shades of Grey… Please tell me I'm not alone on this. XD

  7. MissKayRose says:

    why does she put the cloth over that thing on the typewriter?

  8. Julian says:

    Also, letters and memos don't need indentions. Just short block paragraphs.

  9. aceofspades02 says:

    The sound is too soft I miss some parts when it seems he is just doing "lipsync". Also because english is my second language.
    But now I'm curious… :'(

  10. Bie Bie says:

    The name though…. hmm a bit similar to christian grey i believe?… well, it's fine.. i love both movies..

  11. Desirée Rodríguez says:

    I'm sorry but did he really like her??? Did he feel ANYTHING for her ?? I don't get it

  12. Nicola Edwards says:


  13. 123melatonin says:

    I wouldn't want him to be my boss

  14. liviahays says:

    The way he says "Type it again and get it right." Oh god..

  15. Savana Gwen says:

    I love this movie.

  16. Kevin Carter says:

    She liked it.

  17. Daniel Melendez says:

    they call it typos to ease the pressure brought by the possibilities that may or may not arise out of the error.

  18. DeafEskimo says:

    Pretentious as fuck

  19. foolproofduck says:

    In the days before Microsoft.

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