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9 responses to “SAD QUIT (RAINBOW SIX SIEGE)”

  1. JTA Jaldridget says:

    Jev if you go to the unlock operaton screen scroll all the way down and there is a year one operator bundle so you can get them all it is eithe $20 or $30

  2. Haunted says:

    Quit aiming at the floor a headshot is a instant kill

  3. Bruh button21 says:

    Play Friday the 13th they added a new jason

  4. ThatOnlyGator69 says:

    What do you think about ricegum idubbbz situation (please be on idubbbz side)

  5. bitezaducksto says:

    Actually mute is a good choice

  6. Mr Memetasic says:

    This guy.. He does know you can buy the season 1 bundle but not the season 2

  7. Pizzaoverlord 8 says:

    Dont listen to anyone just play who you want.

  8. Axel Hasslow says:

    Two words: Crosshair placement

  9. FRMD says:

    Stick to one or two main operators whilst you learned the maps

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