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Russia-gate investigation: Liar, liar, pants on fire

13 responses to “Russia-gate investigation: Liar, liar, pants on fire”

  1. Anders Björklund says:

    some can lie and some nei – capitalism – lol

  2. Amir Fahmi says:

    It's Israel.

  3. abc64pan says:

    A typical anti-Trumper: Boy, oh boy, indictments! Charges! Guilty pleas! Ready to flip! Spill the beans! Talk like a canary! Investigation intensifying! Mueller getting closer to Trump! Impeachment before the year is out! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……………..but…….but…………..none of it has anything to do with Russia, Russia, Russia……..WAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAA!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!! I HATE THIS WORLD!!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!

  4. Reverend Hogwash says:


  5. James Fletcher says:

    Israel is the great Satan. Utterly disgusting.

  6. Tudor Lucian says:

    So much spirit COO..KIiiiiiiNGggggg….the Ptza urged Ou BurntT,,,x…from LightBurn sort ….J,,,,,F….K….Burn by Light ,back stabbing,, assassination attempt of another real Pr. ,,,x….OMUL Fish , means muted!

  7. Mo_mo Hanif says:

    US is now officially pond life. As bottom of the swamp as it is possible to be. Better grow some gills Americans, you're going to need them.

  8. bluethunderbug says:

    So US-Israhell collusion… What a surprise….

  9. Hans Ome says:

    How funny it was all on behalf of Israel . Hmmmm

  10. hello hun says:

    How can you run a nation and manage our place in the world with hundreds of lawyers circling around Looking for a crime that technically might have occurred? Imagine if the witch Clinton had won how horrible our country would have become.

  11. A ZAPP says:

    CBS, NBC!! Thank you RT!!

  12. wohord says:

    Lol why is all political news literally like porn…. All these pundits and journalists don't have a clue about fucking politics, can't wait till we get news channels with real analysts and philosophers. RT is getting close, leave it to Slavic people to fight for the principles that will free mankind… But for the time being, keep watching your political porn my friends!!!

  13. wkeil1981 says:

    What about deleting 33k emails?

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