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Rich The Kid Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

15 responses to “Rich The Kid Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex”

  1. Damian Bushay says:

    Rich the Kid the literal embodiment of drugs.

  2. Станислав Сиротин says:

    Rich seems to be like always high

  3. chaffinballer09 says:

    Homie can't control the volume to his voice

  4. lost kids says:

    3:38 if he Is" rich" how come he is wearing reebok

  5. lost kids says:

    SNEAKER shopping with future

  6. Ori'An McGuire says:

    Sneaker shopping with youngboy !

  7. Nick Casillo says:

    Why all these mumble rappers mentally challenged

  8. Aleksi Hämäläinen says:

    Nigga selled my bike just to buy sum fucking shoes smh

  9. Triton Robey says:

    Does he have autism or something

  10. Keith Cozart says:

    Sneaker Shopping With Chief Keef Or Lud Foe

  11. Cristian Dominguez says:

    Ewww this bum ass trash nigga

  12. The Rich Forever Way, The Boss Way, The ONLY WAY says:

    9/11 ya feel me, huhhhhh

  13. John Wulffen says:

    Yells more then meek

  14. I am Devil says:

    This guy is a fucking dick head and that's why I don't listen to his music

  15. 100it kevin says:

    This nigga Weird

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