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RAW: Best-preserved mammoth ever found goes on display in Moscow

13 responses to “RAW: Best-preserved mammoth ever found goes on display in Moscow”

  1. Punch A Nazi says:

    So that's where Trump gets his hair

  2. William W. says:

    The handling of it was a little questionable?! I was just waiting on one of them to smash it up against the wall and the trunk falls off.

  3. The Glorious Sapphire Monkey says:

    LOL some people doesnt wear a protective mask.

  4. Jenni 제니 says:

    I still think god created everything like mammoth, they look cute. xdd

  5. Savage Dude says:

    is this shit even real? looks like there's cotton on its head..


    Clone it!


    Clone it!

  8. baby face nelson says:

    they found this woolley mammoth beyond antarctica in the same region that admiral byrd found the new earth land he saw the woolley mammoth walking around they lied because they dont want to admit there is land they are hideing from people on this earth

  9. A free man. says:

    Someone shot load on its head.

  10. Rique Illingroth says:


  11. Kim Banknell says:

    if they make more of them i scream baer or is it a baer

  12. Persian Prince says:

    dude thats the hair i shaved of my legs a week ago

  13. hadrian sultan says:

    WOW, the handling is perfectly Done. just amazing!

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