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Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet Runthrough

15 responses to “Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet Runthrough”

  1. Jeff Post says:

    Much easier as a DH now

  2. Ash Chapman says:

    Thanks for making this guide.

  3. Luccas Ribeiro says:

    Ty mate. make all the shit easy for me hehehe

  4. Miss Paladin says:

    The second dog isn't there – in the trial.

  5. KakiroShiro says:

    Thx for the video, I was missing the one by the entrance and one of the 2 Quilens on the vault.

  6. evilwarcow says:

    Thanks for the vid. I was going nuts looking for the final one.

  7. Aphexsan says:

    The second one is no where to be found, tested this with 4 of my lvl 100 char, same problem…

  8. Mr. Bohemian “Mr. Bohemian” says:

    lol that second half

  9. ryegraphics says:

    mobs do NOT despawn after completion of dg at all

  10. mikica ivkovic says:

    There is no quilen in trial of king for me, :(( help :/

  11. k4nette says:

    Sorry but i don't understand why all the people say: "use /tar xxx macro" since you already have the first Quilen with you it will always target this one. At least thats what happen to me.

  12. Harry P says:

    Thanks so much

  13. TDSError says:

    This worked perfect

  14. Eric Souza says:

    Thank you.

  15. Mike Goodman says:

    Thanks a bunch, I had a hard time find the 3rd one

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