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Quarrelsome debate between Swapan Dasgupta and Mani Sankar Aiyer, a Congress leader

15 responses to “Quarrelsome debate between Swapan Dasgupta and Mani Sankar Aiyer, a Congress leader”

  1. Suresh Parihar says:

    keep it up Swapan Dasgupta, hats off

  2. unni krishnan says:

    First of this lady should be put in Jail as she was the one who is supporting a Rape. And what to talk about Mani…He is shame for this country who is an Anti-Naitional who goes to Pakistan and ask Pakistan to remove a Government in India….Just listen to him…even a journalist was telling him that he talking foolish….

  3. Abi Pat says:

    BBM – Biased Bitch Moderator

  4. Jatinder Bhan says:

    Aiyar notes "over 666 years of Islamic rule in India, a census done by the British showed that muslims accounted for only 24% of the population." He concludes that this was insignificant! Was it? It led to the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. India still has around 15% muslim population. So, the impact has been significant, Mr. Aiyar. There would have been no problem if a muslim's idea of India was the same as any other Indian's. Their first allegiance is to the Ummah. Their leaders will play the secularist game, helped by folks like Mr. Aiyar and the moderator of this program, till such time as their numbers will allow them to strike. I am not saying that every muslim or very many muslims think like that, but they are part of an ecosystem where, when the call from the pulpit comes, secularism goes out of the window. We cannot be naive….

  5. Jatinder Bhan says:

    Swapan….brilliant as usual!! Salute!

  6. Gurvinder Singh says:

    Shoma is so shamelessly biased,  A moderator is not supposed to take sides. It appears she and Mani Shankar Aiyer are ganging up on Swapan Dasgupta. Mani and Shoma have already decided to ambush Swapan. Otherwise it was educative and entertaining session. Mani Shankar Aiyer dazzling the crowds with his eloquent bullshit and misconceived ideas.  Hats off to you Swapan Dasgupta, and shame on you Shoma for being so intelligent but your insincerity gets the better of you.

  7. KBP says:

    If Nehru were to offer the PM post to Jinnah, would there have been a partition? That would also have made the muslim feel at home in India and no partition would have occurred.

  8. KBP says:

    The simple question is why do we seem to encourage people who says they will never respect national symbols and disrespects people who oppose such people. We have reached a stage in India where some parties are removing members who sings vande mataram or say Bharath mata ki jai. It is this anomaly that is upsetting a lot of people. We forget that all Hindus are seekers and not believers unlike the Abrahamic religions that says non believers will go to hell. The problem in India is that we will only question this all inclusive Hindu ideology and keep silent when it comes to those exclusive ideologies.

  9. KBP says:

    No one is objecting to the variety of ways you can show your nationalism. What is worrying is when someone says that they will never say "Vande mataram" or "bharath mata ki Jai". Instead of saying Hinduism being thrust down the throat why don't these people ask the exclusive ideology that says their God is only God and their path is the only path to be inclusive? Why is asking every ideology in India to be inclusive being termed as communal when you actually don't say the same for the exclusive ideology that is actually thrusting down the throat through coercive tactics?

  10. KBP says:

    How many of these seculars questioned congress for putting "cow slaughter ban" in the constitution? Please ask congress if they are ready to remove the "cow slaughter ban" from the constitution. How many of these secularists will side with a Hindu trying to eat pork in a Muslim majority area? I am sure that act will be considered communal by most of these people. Yet they support those who conduct beef festivals across India. The cow slaughter bans in almost every state was actually passed by congress and now they are blaming BJP for it? This is the tragedy of India's secularism.

  11. KBP says:

    How many of these so-called seculars treated everyone same? Even riots, killings, sufferings and deaths are treated differently depending on the person's caste and religion. If someone points out that to them, they are called communal? These are the people who are claiming to be the conscious keepers of the nation? Even the Muslims and Dalits they support are only in the BJP ruled states. The Dalits and Muslims getting killed in non-BJP states won't even get a mention in their narrative. Is this the secularism they want to propagate in India? If Mahatma Gandhi were to be alive today, this same congress would have declared him communal.

  12. deep1146 says:

    Whore rolling her bitch tongue with a gaddar money Salim iesha

  13. Mogan Vasu says:

    What is wrong with this lady, trying to provoke

  14. ARCHANA BAJAP says:

    frustrated congress / NDTV always crying corrupts bastard,we are paying the price of 60 yrs bad rule of congress, congress/ communist are involved in killing Gauri / train accident killing muslims to defeat BJP in karnataka and every where

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