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pavement – watery, domestic

14 responses to “pavement – watery, domestic”

  1. Wellington fabricio says:

    And the doubt follows, What is the best EP of all time?

  2. s7rugg1es says:

    Some Australian bitch was complaining about Texans and I just told her – "Texas Never Whispers"

  3. Benjamin Cooper says:

    In the morning light, I hold my ashtray TIGHT as well.

  4. merryn says:

    oh shit, i understand now. amazing ep

  5. pavement422 says:

    Best EP ever!!

  6. samuel43988 says:

    best ep of all time

  7. inxy says:

    That's a cuck if I've ever seen one

  8. inxy says:

    Pretty nice

  9. U570 says:

    his voice is fucking terrible

  10. Astronomer Blankman says:

    a real moment

  11. @thehatch says:

    my fuckin fave

  12. Matt G says:

    Great upload!

    Track 3 is titled "Feed Them to the (Linden) Lions", though. It's amazing how many places still get that wrong after all these years, even professional outlets like allmusic!

  13. BIG YOGI says:

    they were killing it with the plantman on drums. a shame they didnt get more done in the studio before he got the boot/quit

  14. Miguel Alberghini says:

    outstanding art

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