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Path of Exile 3.0: LITERALLY PLAYABLE! – Volatile Finally Reworked!

13 responses to “Path of Exile 3.0: LITERALLY PLAYABLE! – Volatile Finally Reworked!”

  1. gabriel M says:

    i wish volatiles worked like the burning man, and had bigger area

  2. Slosh Money says:

    my only complaint outside of the sound is the aoe of the explosion, going to take some time to get used to the hitbox.

    As for DD maybe the corpses could glow red then explode, like if Vaal DD is about to go off one corpse starts glowing red then it explodes causing a chain reaction.

  3. AndrewB says:

    On your overlay map, there was a blue outline, showing where you have/havent been – is that an add-on? Or native to the new release? It looks really useful!

  4. Alex Sd says:

    To the gameplay in the backround: Does the Hierophant's ele resist penetration work for scorching ray? (It actually shouldn't, am I right?)

  5. KiMLoKO1 says:


  6. tehf00n says:

    It's a bit of a kop out tbh. I would have preferred a cap on the damage to 90% of hp or es.

  7. Yathos says:

    So basically this is an improvement to the spd meta. I'm not sure why GGG even has the mods text on the mobs anymore since no one bothers reading.

  8. Nic Tanghe says:

    Next up fix corpse explosion.

  9. daniel revesz says:


  10. sirtrevis42 says:

    What is the build you are using in this video? Looks cool.

  11. Brigis14 says:

    volatile and frost wall lul

  12. hgjf3 says:

    end game maps at ORIATH BETA. EH!
    searching clues for shaper , and one cry

  13. Carl Bernroth says:

    The UI concerning elite mobs still needs a rework. Having it be a tiny bit of text that's impossible to read when you're killing shit fast and stopping gets you killed fast is just bad design. Oneshotting yourself to a reflect when you barely saw the enemy in question does nothing but piss you off.

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