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PASTA CHALLENGE?! Food Truck Fanatics w/ Merrell Twins

6 responses to “PASTA CHALLENGE?! Food Truck Fanatics w/ Merrell Twins”

  1. Julissa Rosario says:

    They dont show the owners doing it first but yet the girls say tht they showed them like im confused

  2. Youtube Geek says:

    It's not Roni's fault for to much cream! It's the cooks, he told her to keep pouring!!

  3. Nery Velazquez says:

    The "prince" is a bit too touchy.

  4. Anie Bear says:

    "A bit too much cream"
    The chef literally told Roni to keep going xD

  5. Mina Haddadin says:

    Oowewhhhh bessst episode

  6. Rucha Waikar says:

    I hv gotta say u'll need to do something of the voice

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