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Painful Boil Gets Surgically Drained

12 responses to “Painful Boil Gets Surgically Drained”

  1. Patricia M. Kimbrell says:

    Whoever did your recording forgot to turn the volume on.

  2. Leticia Sanchez says:

    How boring

  3. Susan Ripp says:

    This Dr. Did the best job ever at the entire video !! He was very kind and patient and explained every step he did. I wish we could have seen thru to the complete end however!

  4. Jacqui Clark says:

    Ear phones helps a lot. I heard every word

  5. Lauren S says:

    Good Dr, good technique, poor audio.

  6. Patricia Husk says:

    Audio really needs help!!!

  7. Lisa Morrison says:

    It is my understanding that one is not supposed to handle the packing with non-sterile equipment. I couldn't hear the audio so I don't know what he is saying about the packing but it didn't seem very sterile to be handling the packing with gloves that had been pressing on the leg and wound site.

  8. musiclovvaable says:

    I don't know if I would want him coming at me with a needle like that. Dang nab man. He is handsome though! Audio isn't high enough, maybe get your camera closer.

  9. nckruse says:

    I really enjoyed this doctor and his explanations and mannerisms. I agree the sound was poor quality but I sure would like to see more of this doctor and access and cyst treatments

  10. Neisha Evans says:

    horrible dr. I would have kicked him in the face

  11. Sue M says:

    Is there supposed to be sound?

  12. Sweet Wild says:

    I thought he was a little to rough with that needle at first. Otherwise, great video.

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