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One Piece: Lucci reveals his only desire in Life #177

15 responses to “One Piece: Lucci reveals his only desire in Life #177”

  1. RNGesus says:

    I'd love to see luffy battle them again so he could rape them in 2nd gear or if he wanted play with them in 4th XD

  2. Tay Tay says:

    What's the music at 1:56

  3. Rob Lucci says:

    Are mission is not complete……

  4. StylishD says:

    As per usual the scene is much better in the manga. Lucci looks weird in his animal form, while the angle of the shot and pacing is wrong.

    He should first *turn*, indicating how everything he says afterwards is nothing but predatory instinct, show half his face then answer the question with "blood, maybe…"

  5. DragonPower99 says:

    lucci and the rest of cp9 are just murders useing their connections with the government to justify their needless killing of innocent people

  6. comicblock says:

    0:55 nice animation

  7. Arvene says:

    That pigeon is wearing an outfit. haha

  8. ロブルッチ says:


  9. PROGCANAL says:

    I love the villains of this show more than other shows for one reason they are convinced about their convictions and ideas that makes me feel scared they don't change their mind like other shonen

  10. Stephanaccio Duwang says:

    I can't believe one of my favorite vilain in One Piece is a crazy psycho hunky !

  11. Reda Lhioui says:

    All the voice actors sound the fucking same!

  12. Rodolfo Salinas says:

    Hey Mankind is in CP9 🙂

  13. maximusdarkultima says:

    0:54 no wonder they took forever to take robin and franky through the gates of justice

  14. Nate Phan says:

    I love One Piece and all, but got to question how Enies Lobby didn't get rekted by anyone literally in the New World.

  15. Shreejeet Praveen says:

    "As long as i have them, i feel like can't lose"

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