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Olatunji “With Meh” {Cover} (ft. Chelz) | UNCOVERED WEB SERIES S3E03

10 responses to “Olatunji “With Meh” {Cover} (ft. Chelz) | UNCOVERED WEB SERIES S3E03”

  1. tia stepney says:

    She and her voice is beautiful

  2. Flat Earth says:

    you're going to be special

  3. Chel-Z Productions says:

    Hey everyone thank you so much for all the kind words. I have my own original song that is on my channel. Subscribe because there will be more music added to it.

  4. Curlene Brown says:

    Gzzz this was good

  5. Bryn Lawrence says:

    Good vocals chelz

  6. Brittany Jackson says:


  7. Chris D. says:

    listenning from Paris , France !! this is amazing love trini vibzzzzz

  8. Hawzie H says:

    While I love and appreciate everyone's performance in the UNCOVERED series, there's some that are seriously pore raising. This is one of them! Music is healing…spread your music, you never know who may need it and who it may touch šŸ™‚

  9. Royal Bae says:


  10. NATASHA ALETH says:


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