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NEW CLASS TRIAL – Let’s Play – Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (DRV3) – 9 – Walkthrough Playthrough

10 responses to “NEW CLASS TRIAL – Let’s Play – Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (DRV3) – 9 – Walkthrough Playthrough”

  1. RandomBrowser347 says:

    MOD MESSAGE: After several comments on the previous episode, it looks like this needs to be emphasized. DO NOT CONFIRM OR DENY NICO’S THEORIES OR YOU WILL BE BANNED. We were fairly forgiving last time and didn’t ban people who weren’t deliberately trying to cause trouble, but consider this is a final warning.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled mod message.

    All the mods will be on high alert for spoilers throughout the duration of this LP, so please be careful when commenting or risk being banned. Posting fake spoilers may also lead to a ban, so we advise against doing so even jokingly. If you are only posting a theory, please try to make that clear in your comment. If you want to discuss spoilers with other picky penguins, there are a number of Picky Penguin groups with forums dedicated to such conversations:
        – Steam:
        – Reddit:
        – Discord:

    Here is a reminder of all the main rules regarding spoilers:

    – Do not reveal any information that the game will reveal later, even if it seems like a small detail. If the information can only be found in spin-off material like a manga which Nico will not be looking at, then it is alright to comment.

    – Do not post a comment that needs a “SPOILER” warning at the top. Even if you leave a lot of space and put the spoiler under a “Read More” label, the full comment is still automatically visible when Nico looks at the comment section.

    – Do not hype up particular moments in the game as they draw near, because then Nico will be playing the next part of the game with influenced expectations.

    – Do not post jokes, references, or clever comments that could clue someone in on a future plot point.

    – If Nico misses something that the game itself will eventually point out, do not comment about it. Only comment on something Nico has missed if the game won’t tell him later.

  2. Unbreakable says:

    Shuichi didn't turn off the camera sensors, he turned off the alarm. The cameras still took his photos when hen removed them, but the alarm didn't go off.

  3. CoachCarter68 says:

    Himiko: “Once, I cleaned my ears so hard, they bled.” And that’s how her hair became red

  4. Gi-Young Liwanag says:


  5. Yosua Wijaya says:

    Alright Nico, since Oma is basically Komaeda, assign food to him!

  6. Cheynise says:

    You know, I've realized from the previous murders have been with intent but there has never been an accidental murder where the murderer didn't know they killed someone (which sounds crazy but it's not impossible). So I'm kinda wondering if Kadea accidentally killed Rantaro. Which yeah, she did have intent on murdering the mastermind.

    Though also makes you wonder if Monokuma would allow an accident murder or take it up a notch, AND if he'll still kill off the murderer. After all EVERY MURDER HAS MONOKUMA'S FINGERS ON THEM! >:U

  7. Kevin says:

    … i just came up with a crazy idea. What if we guess the wrong person for the blackened on the first trial. We guess its shuichi. Then monokuma decides to not punish anyone because Kaede inst so much a blackened, but just someone who accidentally killed Rantaro. That way everything is filled with drama. Shuichi feels betrayed, everyone knows its Kaede, and she has to live with that guilt. And because Shuichi kept the truth from everyone one of the smartest people there is no longer trusted. That feels like a Monokuma thing to do right? Riiiiight!?

  8. Kats says:

    Seeing this trial again after the finale is… interesting, to say the least.

  9. SpanishFly120 says:

    I'm sure most people know, but "He's a leaf on the wind, watch how he soars" line is a Firefly reference, lol.

  10. John Niles says:

    Arrrrgh. I raged about the save and reload bug when it happened to me, and now it's hitting Nico's playthrough? I'm really pissed now. Minor glitches are one thing, rendering the game unplayable is another.

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