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My Eyelash Serum Had A Potent Drug In It, And It’s Totally Legal

13 responses to “My Eyelash Serum Had A Potent Drug In It, And It’s Totally Legal”

  1. sad squad says:

    I use mixture of castor oil and vasline

  2. Alex Cottam says:

    why you got old nonces doing your videos

  3. Alex Cottam says:

    dude, you're making the shitest videos ever. I miss the old buzzfeed but tbh thats dead.

  4. Rachel Johns says:

    i thought the thumbnail was donald trump

  5. Olive Oil says:


  6. Two-Face says:

    You have a DC office?

  7. Anna Cichocka says:

    I knew this. Thank you for spreading awareness. this needs to be controlled and taken off of the market. be happy with what you have or just glue some natural lashes #behappy

  8. PM Snowraven says:

    But if it's all over Facebook it must be true right? Blah!! If it's not natural i don't use it. Most of these products are made in other countries and who knows what they put in them. Do you look up every ingredient on you cosmetic purchase? Probably not.

  9. HighFlyer says:

    It has been approved by the FDA. It was declared safe for use as a glaucoma treatment. As long as there aren't serious side effects that are obfucated what's the issue?

  10. azigz says:

    I'm sorry but people are surprised that something that effects hair growth has a drug in it? They didn't even say any bad side effects besides itchy eyes and extra hair growth on the tops of cheeks which would make sense for any product used around the eyes to make more hair.

  11. I want to be me. says:

    I'm so happy I know this naw

  12. Elysia says:

    Ok but can I just say that dan is a total dilf??

  13. baterkoidni says:

    Is that a statue of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk?? Are you in Czech republic??? That doesn't look like Hradčany Square to me

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