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Moscow in the Meddle – President Trump Can’t Be Trusted with Secrets: The Daily Show

11 responses to “Moscow in the Meddle – President Trump Can’t Be Trusted with Secrets: The Daily Show”

  1. Héloïse Somerset Lundall says:

    I watch new and old videos of The Daily Show at midnight every night, it's my midnight PARTY! Love you Trevor!

  2. Rui Azul says:

    Trump often forgets that he can't negociate individually as a buzinessman, like he has done before been elected president… Now he has a huge responsability over his shoulders, and represents the people of USA everytime he spokes with officials of other countries, specially when they're not our allies! We cannot afford go bankrupt like he repeatedly went, and loanin his way out… He cannot go gambling our security and economy as he did with his "deals" in the past !! It's our skin and country he's playing with !! I don't Trust Trump!

  3. Nero v Frost says:

    Melania " I am not Russian I am Slovenian."
    Trump " Not for long."

  4. Robert Robrahn says:

    Traitor Trump. He cares nothing about this country, only his selfish whiny fat ass.

  5. Jay Burningham says:

    I was expecting them to bring up those dang emails again.

  6. xXRed-_-13Xx 1 says:

    Idk what I'm doing here but i shall say something anyways…..So if anyone reads or likes this….well congrats….you probably were expecting something like if you like this you'll get something in return but that's not how i work so bye now

  7. Super Heart says:

    Trevor or the Russian official?

  8. Rainbow Writer says:

    His New York Russian accent is pretty good !

  9. I TV says:

    Nationality-related jokes! How low can you go.. Never say to american you'll have a surpise party cause they might consider there's not enough democracy in your place and bomb it and entire district with their smart bombs. Oh and Obama was justified to be soying over Merkel's phone, cause she's not even twerking at all, how could a black man respect her?

  10. M Flotzinger says:

    Hahaha Trevor's wearing the same colours like the Russian politician

  11. Tomáš Jenčo says:

    Ok so if you care about the content of the leaks more than the fact that someone leaked it why do you completely disregard that standard when talking about the DNC leaks, which influenced the American public not to vote for HRC?

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