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When written in Chinese the word

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20 responses to “Minecraft | OBEY THE CHICKEN GOD!!”

  1. Nicole OHarrow says:

    rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppp dantdm!!!!!!!

  2. Jack Pyke says:

    Find f and h aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrdrerreeederdrrrrrreeeesdrtyuiuuuyyyyfgjjjkkkkmkjkh

  3. BloodGod 3.0 says:


  4. Slngshott says:

    Ba ba ba ba ba

  5. Jeanna Pearson says:

    Those people are savage

  6. The Diamond Girl says:

    Rip dan in this video

  7. Foxy lps mermaid says:

    It’s milk 5 different cows not the same cow 5 times

  8. Tyler Thurman says:

    It said 5 DIFFERENT COWS

  9. Felicia Sin says:

    5 FKING COWS!!!!

  10. Fire Dash says:

    And im 1st

  11. Fire Dash says:


  12. Youtuber Titin says:

    Dan is so dumb…. YOU HAVE TO MILK 5 Different COWS NOT ONLY 1

  13. Mr. Pink lama Lama says:

    Play this agin

  14. lois partin says:


  15. RedstoneMaster Gaming says:

    milk 5 DIFFERENT cows

  16. Jesus Palomares says:

    you have to do FIVE different cows not the same

  17. super dog arf says:

    1 milk =1cow don't get milk from the same cow twice

  18. Neil Madsen says:

    Awesome video

  19. Jonah Marze says:

    Love it

  20. Aj Sweets says:

    It said to milk 5 different cows not the same ones over and over again

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