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Michael Page (debut) vs Jonathan Castano 2017-10-20

15 responses to “Michael Page (debut) vs Jonathan Castano 2017-10-20”

  1. ramingo pellegrino says:

    page vs mcgregor

  2. Jarred Thorpe says:

    Page vs mcgregor

  3. francisco says:

    este culero se los coje a floyd y coonor juntoss

  4. francisco says:

    noo mamen tiene mas chanses barni el dinosaurio que ese

  5. Phum Sneah says:

    No, No No No why did you stop me? I am ok. I can fight. I will knock him out.

  6. Pedro De La Cruz Saro says:

    Jonhatan, its imposible to win if you dont punch. Basic boxeo rules that you ignore.

  7. Kermit Adkins says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm wow, "nice job".

  8. Kevin Twine says:

    MMA fighters should definitely stick to MMA

  9. Josiel Mota Mota says:

    O oponente tinha braços? Se tinha, não os usou. Deixou em casa.

  10. The Wedge says:

    lol, even for a first opponent , thats terrible. fighting a dude thats 2-11 hahahah .. I could probably beat him.

  11. baphisto says:

    Already a legend believe me

  12. Neemias Silva says:

    O monstro volto pra terroriza muita gente

  13. transinha do forró says:

    Page Mito da porra kkkk

  14. Приехавший says:

    сосиска в белом, вообще не наносит ударов

  15. Renato de Oliveira says:

    Como luta bem esse michael venom page que bom seria levo lutar no ufc em alto nivel

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