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Michael Jackson – Black or White

16 responses to “Michael Jackson – Black or White”

  1. Super tobal 64 says:

    I see this video in my chidhood

  2. RocketBoom Productions says:

    3:22 Was that Paris?

  3. Michael Brames says:

    I've been to his concert in LA and filmed him on my phone and emailed him to my second grade pen pal of Phenix City, Alabama born in 2010, which I ever imagine her being just like that boy. Phenix City is in Eastern Time Zone due to being of Columbus, Georgia Metropolitan Area. I live 2 time zones west of her in Mountain Time Zone due to being of Roswell, New Mexico. She's a white girl that I am the only non white who's ever dealt with her!

  4. Sebastian Candela says:

    if i was the dad i would be like why is michael jackson in the middle of no where

  5. StaticShock 471 says:

    Is that a microaggression?

  6. Nina Flying cupcake Monster says:

    Honestly this song has so much meaning! With all the racism in this world this is how I see race it doesn't matter if someones black or white or what have you this is why I love this song so much!

  7. Mimi Sitton says:

    this video makes me cry
    what happened to loving everyone….

  8. slurpie games/nick name:oka ruto, asu rito or amai says:

    I love him

  9. slurpie games/nick name:oka ruto, asu rito or amai says:

    I miss him

  10. maxine Lewis says:

    I luv this song also R.I.P. mg.

  11. maxine Lewis says:

    I am like mg sr. It doesn't matter if u are black or white color is just color I am from a black and white family

  12. Bob the duck Lord says:

    Classic music vid

  13. Hive HD says:

    MJ gave me a reason to live.

  14. slurpie games/nick name:oka ruto, asu rito or amai says:

    that start tho lol

  15. Anita Morano says:

    El único Rey del Pop

  16. Henry Cueva says:

    Sooooo sexyyyy

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