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Mermaid Slime vs Unicorn Slime ~ Save or Spend ~ Jacy and Kacy

12 responses to “Mermaid Slime vs Unicorn Slime ~ Save or Spend ~ Jacy and Kacy”

  1. David Cardenas says:

    you girls should do more slime vids

  2. Alyssa Resendez says:

    The way they played with it just got on my nerves

  3. Sarah Miletic says:

    I like the unicorn slime better

  4. Lainey Jones says:

    Do the Nickelodeon slime kit. I have it and it actually works.

  5. we are best friend says:

    unicorn slime

  6. Galactic Waste says:

    Almost 2 mill subs!!! EEK!!

  7. Jansi Rani says:

    Do more challenges pls

  8. Erica B says:

    You can add lotion to the mermaid slime to make it stretchy

  9. Jennifer Leon Sadritdinova says:

    Jacy u could have put water and maybe it will work

  10. Hannah K. says:

    Who is older

  11. Dedrick Whitfield says:


  12. Khloex101 Gallo says:

    Jacy has to add water

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