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Macabre – Scrub a Dub Dub

19 responses to “Macabre – Scrub a Dub Dub”

  1. Meow Mew says:

    Hilariously disturbing lyrics and awesome music. Great combo!

  2. zinxderobo says:

    First there was one, and then there was two… ….dead men in the tub and then the stench grew.

  3. smeetse says:

    Uh music is from Sacred Rheich : Who's to blame (1990)

  4. the epic diamond Finder says:

    oh my god…

  5. David Queen says:

    Goosebumps from that solo – I love it!

  6. Erase Your Hate says:

    I can relate.

  7. Perpetual Mandelbrot says:


  8. It's that guy says:

    Just had to hear this for myself after a friend described it. Not quite what I expected, but definitely not disappointed. lmfao

  9. PurpleEpidermis says:

    I love Macabre!!!!! The guys are totally cool too!

  10. Aliearia Starr says:

    Thats disturbing on the highest level

  11. Psycho Killer says:

    "Vai Q Boa e Desinfetante." AEOW.

  12. Elysse Wood says:

    Is it bad that I think this song is funny? It's the pitch of the vocals that makes it absolutely hilarious…but most people wouldn't think it was funny they would think I was creepy if they heard me laughing at this. Lmao

  13. eldvindur says:

    this is absolutly great.
    So glad i got this band shared. 

  14. Matt Raymer says:


  15. Marc Rees says:

    What a song and what an album! This the shit right here!

  16. lars lovelot says:

    Great song and a great f#@king album. Hail Macabre!

  17. Justin .Eastman says:

    uncle jake

  18. Ben Danberger says:

    …and leave you on the hillside!! Macabre Rulz!

  19. chance hogelie says:

    this is pure gold haha

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