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Long Train Runnin’ (Doobie Brothers); Drum cover by Sina

16 responses to “Long Train Runnin’ (Doobie Brothers); Drum cover by Sina”

  1. Martin Nel says:

    Again the very best

  2. Paul McCarthy says:

    Do some Linkin Park.

  3. Donnie Brook says:

    On "listen to the music" you sat back on the beat which is awesome,,,Dont rush the groove.

  4. Pete Medina says:

    Great job

  5. Vintage Chief says:

    Released in 1973. I grew up with these guys – one of my favorite bands of the late 60s & 70s (I'm not old – I'm vintage). John Hartman on drums. Nice job Sina – fun song to bang on.

  6. scott FabT-Birds79 says:

    I tell ya, nobody plays that high-hat like Sina! OK first time ever here that I will say anything that is not YOU ARE THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD; but I did notice on this one that during some fills your right foot went into paralysis; which is so weird me saying this, because normally all I ever do is tell you what an amazing right foot you have, but look closely and you will see what I'm talkin' about on this one….

  7. Jason Anderson says:

    Awesome as usual, Sina!

  8. DJ URI MI says:

    very good!!

  9. Oswaldo Luiz Marssenatti says:

    girl You play a lot, congratulations if you play only half that you would already be happy, kisses, continue like this ……

  10. michael york says:

    Awesome as usual, please do Fool In The Rain by Zeppelin.

  11. Wheel Spinner says:

    Do what you do Sina. Rock n Roll should be fun,

  12. Hash Bang says:

    You are one rockin' babe

  13. furzkram says:

    Gosh – the NEXT all time fav of mine

  14. Krasimir Nikolov says:

    Super classic hit,super Sina !!!

  15. Evan Miller says:

    Sina. Have you done a cover of The Pretenders "Middle of the road"?
    Seems a good fit.

  16. pedro rodrigues says:


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