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Leveling A Wander Can Be A Thing of Beauty

11 responses to “Leveling A Wander Can Be A Thing of Beauty”

  1. Reyhanullah Behzad says:

    so i have used around 780c so far. gotten all the gear you recommended. bought all the upgrades you said there could be. and its a fucking beast. i also bought an ilvl opal ring, got life, then flat lightning and fire.

  2. Marcos Ferrero says:

    Pastebin link anybody?

  3. Filipe Rogers says:

    what about praxis ring?

  4. bl1ppyboy says:

    How do you get the 40 dex for the volly fire ?

  5. Roflkopterpilot93 says:

    What Herald MTX is he using that Herold of Ice explodes that fancy?

  6. RIPLI says:

    Is this viable as a league starter without any uniques/elreon's jew?

  7. Horace Kim Montero says:

    what are the pantheons/ ascendancy points?

  8. Nathan Finn says:

    Thanks Mathil, the way you structured and talked about building this character is very helpful. Decided to make a wander, and as im fairly new the leveling part, but mostly the thoughts behind it, were very useful. Thanks again!

  9. ali essa says:

    for people asking about the mana problem as mathil said early on grab a thief's torment. later on grab any 0.4 mana leech nod (search mana leech in the skill tree) that shall solve it. then proper rings..

  10. Verticalmind Gaming says:

    what do u do with Bandits?

  11. tdreamgmail says:

    Eventually get a 5 or 6 link while levelling. After 250 hours zero viable 5 link nevermind 6 link

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