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Lawn Care Tips : How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

12 responses to “Lawn Care Tips : How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn”

  1. 1012x2 val says:


  2. JackB1 says:

    OMG. Please someone wake this guy up. He's been breathing weed be gone

  3. SpencerFcp says:

    I feel like someone is holding him at gunpoint and forcing him to make this tutorial.

  4. Austin mao says:

    Please donate your camera!

  5. Spiritual Trigger says:

    This is no good to anyone that's got a fence in place! Unless of course you remove 3 inches of dirt soil. Then top-up with sand? And soil before composting the top. Sand will eventually sink thus rendering it as useless, unless it's a meter in depth.

  6. Xavier Holland says:

    I fell asleep at shovel…

  7. Juan 4Realz says:

    Barney Fife gardens?

  8. peteandjanis says:

    so what if there is grass and dips around the yard ? can I still do this and expect to re sod the whole yard ?

  9. Karl Crampton says:

    this guy is so boring to listen too.

  10. Wade French says:

    Hope this is a clients lawn and not his own.  Looks like shit if you ask me.

  11. Robot Reapers: Megatron says:

    Most unenthusiastic video ever lol

  12. Skidaddle J says:

    Sorry pal but that is not a lawn more like a weed patch.

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