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Lana Del Rey – Cherry (Official Audio)

11 responses to “Lana Del Rey – Cherry (Official Audio)”

  1. Ladarrius Arrington says:

    This song is a giant orgasm on steroids

  2. Karsha Lint says:

    I wanna have that slow dance when I hear this song

  3. jason750 says:


  4. Mike R says:

    I feel a wave of emotion when she sings “And all of my beaches”

  5. Bbd D says:

    her music and her are starting to haunt me – she's brilliant

  6. Zaya Barajas says:

    Best song on the album love this song so much this needs to be the next video #teamlana

  7. Rachel Reza says:

    I love so much this song

  8. Clener Maurício says:

    Essa música, junto com 13 Beaches e Get Free, pra mim, é a santíssima trindade do Álbum! <3

  9. Kiki montes says:

    This song have more than just this lyrics, is like speaking to my soul I can't stop lisenting to it ……i fall to pieces when I am with you bitch……..

  10. jane callahan says:

    i have an eargasm whenever says "bitch" ohmygod

  11. greatboredompineappl says:


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