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Kodak Black – ThankFul (LYRICS)

11 responses to “Kodak Black – ThankFul (LYRICS)”

  1. kingboijr Davis says:

    this song go hard so i kept replaying it⏪⏪⏪⏪⏪⏪

  2. Xavier Morgan says:

    Kodak is the best rapper alive.

  3. yung pimpin says:

    Best yet most slept on in the album

  4. Lenny9eight says:

    now he in jail for 8 years

  5. Paul Roy says:

    im gonna step up to the plate, im not gonna run away like my father didddddd

  6. D Williams says:

    Kodak slept on !

  7. trillkiio. 23 says:

    bruh yaal dont understand lil kodak he really da best rapper alive , just listen to wat he be sayin , kodak my nigga

  8. Robertooo Parisi says:

    lol you dont even now the full song dumb shit kodak said "imma step up to the plate wont run away like my father did" not "imma step up to the plate one beter way like my father did" lol.fucking idiot

  9. keepin itreal says:

    god damn!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Melchizadek Smith says:

    thank da lord fa wat i got use to rock felias

  11. Fransilda Pinder says:

    Real nigga from BROWARD COUNTY 954 GUNSHINE STATE….. I fucks with Kodak fool … he been thu a lot… thug nigga. DADE COUNTY 305 WE OUT CHEA

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