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Kate Hudson Is Eager to Rock a Mullet

18 responses to “Kate Hudson Is Eager to Rock a Mullet”

  1. Ivan Liukin says:


  2. Jennifer Eddy says:

    Adrian and Shane are kunts. swordfights arent a euphemism we were literally playing with sticks on the front lawn!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Eddy says:


  4. Jennifer Eddy says:

    this is dumb

  5. Jennifer Eddy says:

    tmobile. i cant afford lift! Krista I need a chiropractic crunch!!! People dont understand cripple party!!!! Megs!!!! Lisa!!!! Say my name!!! Instagram!!!! Liars!!!

  6. Jennifer Eddy says:

    my verizon account did this

  7. Jennifer Eddy says:

    i need an undercut

  8. Jennifer Eddy says:

    single and ready to mingle with breeders

  9. Jennifer Eddy says:

    i blame jerry garcia

  10. Jennifer Eddy says:

    introverts piss me off

  11. Jennifer Eddy says:

    xmas is not for the meek!!!

  12. JM JT says:

    She looks so much better in dark natural hair!!

  13. Gunnhild Edwards says:

    Shows really how much she looks like her dad Bill and not her mother Goldie.

  14. Susan Brogan says:

    Love her natural hair color!

  15. eva scharfe says:

    Kate, don't believe anybody that tells you that your hair looks good. It doesn't. You need a wig fast. It looks bad. Really bad.

  16. Carol Benson says:

    No one likes the haircut

  17. Frieda Claxton says:

    She needs the long hair back to cover the ears.

  18. Sharon Bell says:

    Love U allĀ  ELLEN ya make me laugh

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